Monterrey, the capital city of the State of Nuevo Leon, is Mexico’s second largest city by population. A large international industrial base has developed since the 1980s with hundreds of American, Asian, and European manufacturers opening production and distribution facilities across the city.


Monterrey is an excellent choice for manufacturing firms wanting to supply Mexican companies, including the subsidiaries of American industries and European manufacturers.

Also, Monterrey is located just 2 hours from the United States border for easy export and is on the NAFTA highway for economical North-South intra and inter country distribution.

Industrial Parks

Monterrey has many industrial parks including American Industries Apodaca & Huinala, Avante, CPA (Corporate Properties of America) Apodaca & Guadalupe,  Guadalupe Industrial Park, IGS Escobedo, Nexxus ADN, Prudential, La Silla Guadalupe, Las Palmas, Martel Apodaca & Santa Catarina, Modula, Vigia Monterrey Technology Park, Verde Monterrey, Prologis Apodaca & Others, Santa Catarina, O’Donnell Apodaca, Stiva Aeropuerto & Santa Catarina and others with a good suppoy of available buildings for lease and for sale.

Industrial and Commercial Real Estate

Both American industries and European manufacturing companies looking to offshore group production to Mexico will find more than 50 Industrial Park options in Monterrey from STIVA near the Monterrey Airport across the city to the Santa Catarina industrial area.

If your company is in the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Metals, Glass, Logistics or other sector planning to Manufacture in Mexico or set up a Distribution Center, there are Buildings for Lease, Buildings for Sale, and land to build a custom building available.

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